The Satus Vita Galaxy
Spitzer M81
Vital statistics
First Contact Galaxy
Number of Clusters Unknown
Inhabitants Humans,Vetus Primo's,quadaxans

The Satus Vita Galaxy is thought to be where life first was. The ancient species of the Vetus Primo's are considered the oldest race in the entire universe, and came from this galaxy.


The galaxy's real name has long been forgotten. In the years prior to First Contact the galaxy didn't have an official name, as it was thought to be the only one of it's kind. After First Contact and a thorough exploration of the star clusters and systems, Humans unearthed small pieces of evidence linking to the Vetus Primo's origin from this galaxy, and decided on the name 'Satus Vita' - meaning life origin - as it is known in all cultures,religions and species that the Vetus Primo's are life in it's original form (yet know one knows how this is known).

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