Years are measured in BFHC (Before First Human Contact) and AFHC (After First Human Contact). For simplicity's sake these years are the same as one earth year.

Ancient EraEdit

50,000BFHC - 45,000BFHCEdit

The Vetus Primo race becomes. Within 5,000 years they are said to have explored all the universe.

45,000BFHC - 44,000BFHCEdit

The Vetus Primo's are at civil war. One faction wants to dominate all other races, while another wants to form an equal society within all inhabited galaxies.

44,000BFHC - 43,000BFHCEdit

The dominating faction begins to win the war and in 43,000BFHC they claim the universal throne and power over all other races.

43,000BFHC - 37,500BFHCEdit

The Vetus Primo race rules the universe by force.

37,500BFHC - 35,000BFHCEdit

The Vetus Primo race are plagued by an unknown disease. It destroys their numbers and soon the galaxies are revolting against them. By 35,000BFHC they have been removed as the leaders of the universe, and as their numbers have diminished significantly, they are forced into hiding in some far corner of the universe.


The galaxies decide that each galaxy will have it's own ruler, and no one shall rule over them.


The disease affecting the Vetus Primo's ceases to infect any new being.


The Vetus Primo race has disappeared entirely, only small traces of their dominating existence are left in each galaxy.

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